My countrymen

My countrymen

My countrymen my countrymen,
join hands to ensure peace & progress in the worldly den.

My countrymen my countrymen,
lets act & create tomorrow not just simply think or write with a pen.

We need a world where everyone unites to remove everyone’s fear,
we need everyone to come forward & compassionately wipe each others’ tears.

We need to stop and control this incessant race of greed,
we need only to ensure to the deprived & destitute their need.

We need to ornament every face with a heartfelt smile,
and rehabilitate the misguided youth used as the terrorist missile.

We need to unite together for a peaceful world for the next generation,
erase all misgivings, greed & desire to dominate to check hatred & separation.

We need to develop the foresight and the power to reason and positively think,
and not with arrogance and closed thoughts into the quagmire sink.

We need to educate all to understand the other and strive for the right,
and step by step unite to face any adversity with a herculean might.

We need to sow seeds of humble and open mind,
so that everyone understands others pain and cures with a heart kind,

& then we all will co-exist with rich human values minus any stain of the demon,
and then God will bless on earth an eternally peaceful heaven……


La Militaire Academy

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