May this Holi

Happy Holi

May this Holi

May the colour of wisdom paint this world,
May our eyes open to be brave & bold.
May we not prefer symbolic red, saffron, green, white or black.
May we read out anew, out of the termite-eaten old racks.
May we fight for the logical and just,
May we labour and do what we must …..
May this Holi we burn away all the social evil,
May we also kill the alive in our soul – the misguided “devil”. 
May the colour of coexistence & love overpower the greed,
May we be blessed with the might to attain each others’ needs.
May we learn to celebrate smile on others’ face,
May we celebrate every moment humanely in this modern race. 
May this Holi festival of India educate us to colour our mind & rise,
May all human beings respect all colours of skin as does the WISE…

Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla
Academic Director & Chief Executive
La Militaire Academy & Albatross Academy Ltd.

La Militaire Academy

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