Duty is above all,
prevents the human downfall.

Begins with senses we gain when child,
when we see our parents serve us rich with sacrifices in this modern wild.

We learn to obey their commands as our first duty,
for they wish to protect us, help us grow to adult with serenity.

Few years later we perform the second duty in the premises of our school,
where we learn principles of life & different roles & evolve from being an ignorant fool,

Third duty begins when we move ahead as adult to the college,
where many goes amiss in the mad rampage.

But the sincere among us realise the goal to value,
to strengthen our feet to stand to earn on ground true.

With bread earned we move to search a living friend,
exclaiming it as love has been the age-old trend.

Many fall trap to illusions & false expectations without doing their fourth duty,
selfless giving is pleasure and applauded as eternal act of beauty.

In the newly created abode we serve the fifth duty,
needs to fulfil & with coordination between past & future in bounty.

When cries aloud a new member the god sent,
begins the sixth duty we need to serve as a parent.

The cycle revolves with the seventh duty we need to discharge,
Strengthening, educating, enabling & handing down to our kids the charge.

The eight duty undoubtedly is towards our time tested friends,
to reciprocate heartily as they too stood by us in our path full of curvy bends.

The ninth duty, of course, is to serve the deprived and the needy,
it helps us to check ourselves from crossing the line and being foolishly greedy.

The tenth begins with us to disassociate with the material world,
and reduce the attachment with the nest & let soul fly as the free bird.

One caution we need to observe & avoid as we perform our duties,
web of emotions, expectations & blind greed of our selfishly created beauties.

If one truly performs one’s duties with efforts earnest,
even devoid of returns one would feel supreme bliss in one’s earthly nest.

Only the wise truly knows that earthly stay is to perform duty in the different roles,
with detached giving yet sincere efforts one would achieve the eternal goals…..

La Militaire Academy

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