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La Militaire Academy initially known as “Colonel Academy” was established in the year 1988. The name change was initiated as a similar named school in the south was causing a conflict of identity.

Initially, the Academy worked on spreading literacy to the very poor and deprived and thus conducted classes to the people of the slums alone. With passing of years the La Militaire academy’ members identified that the poor were not very forthcoming and the society suffered from paucity of organisation that assisted in the employment of the youth which was getting misdirected in great numbers and becoming cause of gross unrest, so the La Militaire academy identifying its strength focused on the belief of spreading career awareness, assistance & guidance in career pursuit & with its vast experience of the past the La Militaire academy started serving right knowledge to the Youth about defence & assisted them honorarily.

Under the flagship of the La Militaire Academy, efforts were started to help the poor and illiterate with maximum education the members could for the initial ten years. Even the defence aspirants were assisted in the best order with free guidance classes, donated books and funds.

Later the realisation dawned that the dream was big and the hands too small as the La Militaire Academy’s hand were getting tied due to economic factors, so a meagre amount was charged for the herculean task to ensure the practical survival.

The need of the team was felt by the founder patron of the La Militaire Academy for the positive mission and thus efforts were initiated and the founder patron – Col. S. M. Shukla (retd) was glad to receive the patron support of Lt. Gen. S. K. Bhatnagar (retd,), Late Brig. J. S. Saigal ( retd,) and Late Maj. S. K. Shukul (retd,), soon to be followed by the present chief advisor Col. K. K. Singh(retd,), Col. S. K. Ray (retd,), Maj. B. G. Singh (retd,) & Col. S. K. Sharma (retd,). The Patron Advisor – Lt. Gen. B. S. Sisodia (retd,), Wing. Cdr. V. K. Shirotriya (retd,), Sqn. Ldr. R. S. Chauhan (retd,), and Lt. Col. R. N. Rathore (retd,) all followed with benevolence to provide strength to the effort- school visits, educational camps, workshops, counseling sessions etc.

Youth seminars and workshops were held by the La Militaire Academy’s members to inform and guide as many as could be possible. Soon it was discovered that there is a big vacuum of right guidance and thus corrective action was taken and a Faculty captain Advocate Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla an ex- 53 SSC, Trainee and psychologist was appointed and empowered to guide and assist with his team of executives of La Militaire Academy on a regular basis to make the dreamt mission successful on ground – and success followed , more and more candidates were enabled with guidance and in high ratio they got selected in the armed and paramilitary forces both as officers and other ranks. Today the La Militaire academy has multiplied its capacity to assist more and has a dedicated space of approximately twenty-one thousand square feet area for the purpose of classes, workshops & guidance cells.

The La Militaire Academy has associated itself with the State forest department offered ground facility for physical training of the aspirants for general duty, other ranks and physical efficiency of aspirants.

The La Militaire Academy ‘s team works, to ensure that the students and aspirants get all the guidance and essential knowledge necessary for achieving their dreams, updated and effective to give the competitive edge so to not only clear the exams but also to achieve the position so to clear the merit in flying colours and in this process ensure the pride of all the retired armed forces officers’ who have given their heart and soul to their beloved La Militaire Academy .