Knowledge Update during Lock down
In the interest & safety of the society at large, our country is going through a lock down due to COVID 19. Hope all of you are staying at home and maintaining social distancing as well. We expect all the aspirants and students to make a good use of this time period by reading e-newspapers, so that you remain abreast about the developments in the world. Try and work upon your english speaking abilities, if required. This shall boost lot of confidence in you while you appear for your interview. To remain physically fit is a passion that every human being must practice. You may try to do some basic exercises of yoga, stretching and on spot jogging at your home only. This shall not only keep you fit and shall provide relaxation to your muscles as well. We at LMA are always available to each one of you for any help, support or guidance, if required..


COVID 19 - Lockdown
In view of the ongoing lock down due to COVID 19, we request all of you to take good care of your self and your family members. Please stay at home to remain safe and maintain social distancing. La Militiare Academy, being a law abiding organisation of this country, shall remain closed in accordance with the directions from the government. We wish a safe and healthy life for all your family members.