EC Members

Dr. Arun.K.Shukla

Has been the Chief executive and Faculty Captain since past twenty five years and led from front by inculcating all updations,suggestions, educational modulations for generating students' successful records. A graduate from Allahabad University, post graduate in psychology , a degree in law and followed by Doctorate in Psychology , been a recepient of many awards of excellence , lately in 2019 , awarded
1. Excellence in Education Award by the Honourable Governor Shri Ram Naik , ( Governor of Uttar Pradesh - state of India) .
2. Excellence in Education awarded by Honourable Shri Arjun Meghwal , Minister of Public Enterprises , Government of India.
3. Awarded U.P. Ratna for Excellence in Education by Honourable Shri Yogi Adityanath ,Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ( State of India )
4. Awarded for Excellence in Education by Honourable Governor Shri Lal ji Tandon ( Governor of Madhya Pradesh , State of India )
5. Awarded for Educational Excellence by Honourable Governor Shri Arif Mohammad Khan ( Governor of Kerala , State of India ).
6. Awarded for educational excellence by Honourable Shrimati Pramila Pandey Mayor of Kanpur City . India .

Dr. Archana Shukla

Director Girls department , La Militaire Academy, Dr. Archana Shukla , a well read academician , she has done M.A. , B.ed, L.L.B. as well as PhD (in education) . She has been lucratively heading the girls department for twenty years already , setting a very looked up to example for many . She being an accomplished woman has been awarded with The Nari Shakti Award by the chairman woman commission of the state , for being such an exemplary educationatist and with zeal assisting girls and encouraging them to explore the armed forces opportunities. She is also a well applauded counsellor with many years of experience of counselling to the female gender .

Mrs Anjali Jaiswal

Co-director Girls department, Mrs Anjali Jaiswal . The co director has recently walked in to add new energy to the girls departmen t and indulges in research and supplements data to upgrade , update and support woman 's emanicipation drive and helping them to stand on their own feet with an empathetic approach so to assist evolution to change, being an accomplished woman in herself .